The World's Smallest Transfer Switch:

The New Micro μATS™

Fast and Easy Hot Moves

A highly functioning transfer switch at the rack; takes up no space; provides redundant A-B power to single power input devices!

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The Zonit "Micro Automatic Transfer Switch" (or μATS™) is the smallest transfer switch for data centers, wiring closets, and MSO Cable networks.

How the Zonit μATS™ Saves Money:

  • Eliminates the need to buy a second power supply for single-power-supply devices
  • Saves data center rack space, which can be used for servers, routers, and switches
  • Provides A-B power for remote telecom wiring closets with only A & UPS power sources
  • Allows for the use of inexpensive filtered utility line power
  • Enables increased power system efficiency
  • Minimizes waste from UPS power conversion losses
  • Improves uptime
  • Built to last; can be re-used when a device is replaced with a newer generation of server, router, or switch

The Zonit μATS™ addresses the following needs faced by data centers:

  1. Providing Redundant Power for Single-Power-Supply Devices
  2. Efficient Power Distribution
  3. Improving the Efficiency of Dual UPS’s in Data Centers
  4. More Efficient Use of Data Center Rack Space
  5. Facilitating “Hot Moves” of Data Center Equipment

The low voltage model of the Zonit μATS™-LV was breakthrough technology in automatic transfer switches, and the new Zonit μATS™-HV model offers another level of redundant power in a much-needed high-voltage model.