Z-ATS - Micro Automatic Transfer Switch

Introducing the Z-ATS™

The Z-ATS is the world's smallest and most efficient Automatic Transfer Switch for data center equipment. The Z-ATS is capable of transferring at any phase angle. It enables a completely different approach to the deployment of power in the data center. The device is a zero "U" self mounting unit that is designed to auto-switch the power fed to Electronic Data Processing equipment.  It utilizes unique patent-pending technologies to provide unparalleled functionality.

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The Zonit Z-ATS solves many common problems with power distribution and enables new and highly efficient patent pending methods of power distribution. The Zonit Z-ATS comes in two standard models 12A @ 120V and 8A @ 208V and is easily customized for your specific use case by changing the cord length, cord color, plug type or configuration. The Z-ATS is available with integrated Z-LOCK locking input and output connections. 

The Zonit Z-ATS has six primary usage scenarios:  

1.    Redundancy
Enables redundant power feeds for single power cord devices  

2.    Select Maximum Reliability vs Cost-Effectiveness
Can be employed in ratios of 1-to-1 vs 3-to-1 to maximize reliability vs cost
Ideal for applications where there is a "sprinkling" of single-corded devices located throughout the data center

3.    99.9% Efficient Power Distribution
Saves 3-15% of annual data center power costs

4.    Increase UPS Efficiency by 3-5%
Saves 3-5% of UPS power conversion losses

5.    Cost Effective N+1 Reliability            
Eliminates the need for 2nd power supplies in N+1 horizontal server tiers

6.    Re-Location Flexibility
Allows easy “hot moves” to relocate powered-up equipment within the rack or between racks
Ideal for doing deployments that are temporary or will be moved at a later date 

Why use the µATS?

The Z-ATS™ allows single power supply devices in the data center to be connected to redundant A-B power sources. This eliminates one of the primary causes of downtime, human error. Much downtime is caused by people plugging in one too many devices to a branch circuit, causing its circuit breaker to trip. 

The Zonit Z-ATS™ is very useful to increase the service level availabilty of common single-power devices such as network distribution switches, firewalls, and other equipment that may be in a mission-critical service path, sometimes unknowingly. 

The Z-ATS™ enables much easier maintenance of redundant power systems, since one source can be taken off-line if all single power supply devices are fed via Z-ATS™ units. 

Distribution closets with single power supply network switches especially benefit from the Zonit Z-ATS™, because it enables a UPS unit in that closet to be taken off-line for battery testing and maintenance during regular business hours without network service downtime.

99.9% Efficient Power Distribution

The Zonit Micro ATS (Z-ATS) enables 99%+ efficient power distribution methods in the data center. It allows data center devices to be preferentially connected to filtered utility power on the A side and an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) on the B side, which is only used when A is down. Eliminating UPS power conversion losses saves 3-15% of data center power usage compared to redundant UPS designs, which can save millions of dollars in energy costs. The Z-ATS™ is 99.75% efficient, using only 125mA in normal operation. This maximizes data center Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE).

Modern computer power supplies are almost all auto-ranging (accept 110-240V input) and all switched (Draw on the Alternating Current [AC] input power for just a short period of time and then convert this energy to Direct Current [DC], then repeat). Power supplies of this type are more resistant to power quality problems, because they only need to “drink” one gulp at a time, not continuously. If the input AC power voltage range is controlled within a known range, they will function very reliably. They do not require perfect input AC waveforms to work well. All that is necessary is that they receive sufficient energy in each “gulp” and that the input power is within the limits of their voltage range tolerance. This makes it possible to use a data center power distribution system that is much more efficient than a fully UPS supplied power system at a very reasonable capital expense.

The power system design shown above controls voltage ranges very well. It has been in use for many years. The Zonit Z-ATS™ enables new power distribution methods coupled with this power system design that are very efficient.

***Important Information about International Orders***

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