Z-LOCK™ Locking Cord

The Zonit Z-LOCK is the world’s first truly universal family of IEC locking power cords. Z-LOCK is 100% compatible with your existing infrastructure. Z-LOCK locks into place on both ends regardless of the brand of IT gear or rack PDU manufacturer, securing the power path all the way to the device.  It eliminates accidental, vibration or nuisance disconnects. 


  • Z-LOCK locks securely on both ends of the power path
  • Z-LOCK’s release tabs are located on either side of the plug and receptacle, not on top
  • Z-LOCK’s connectors are available in a wide variety of plug and receptacle combinations
  • Z-LOCK comes in 10, 15, and 20-amp options
  • Z-LOCK is also available in eight standard colors and nine cord lengths

As with all Zonit products, Z-LOCK comes with an industry-leading, 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Improves uptime by securing both ends of the power cord
  • Can be used with any rack PDU or power supply, regardless of manufacturer 
  • Easy to install and remove, and can be reused on future projects

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The Z-LOCK product family comes with an industry-leading 3 year product warrantly.  The terms of the warranty for Z-LOCK can be found in the Z-LOCK User Guide below. Please refer to that document for detailed information.